Luna – Adopted 08/2019

Just wanted to send a couple pictures of Luna (artist previously known as Courtney) settling in. She has quickly become a beloved member of the family. We all have fallen for her quirky personality and sweet temperament. Her doggie sister Leeloo loves having her here. They share a passion for squirrels 🐿 and walks at the park. Luna has started to warm up nicely to Roger. She still has trust issues with men… but it gets better daily as her new doggie dad builds her confidence and pours love into her. We feel Luna fits into our family perfectly and are smitten 🥰 with her.

We want you to know how much it means to us that her foster family loved 💕 Luna so well… and we appreciate how difficult it must have been for them to pass her on to us… but please be assured she will be continuously loved, cherished, and cared for every day. Thank you for helping us find the missing part of our family. We feel whole. 😊

You and your organization are amazing for giving so selfishly to these precious pups. Lauren has been an amazing foster and ambassador for your rescue. She has continued to be a resource for us. You are appreciated!  Thank you!”

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