Adoption Process

We do in state adoptions only. We find that we can be more supportive of our dogs and adopters if they remain in the state of Florida.
NOTE: Applications on file are active for 90 days. Once 90 days has passed, you will be sent an email asking if you are still interested in adoption and given the option to renew your application for another 90 days without completing the form a second time. If you are no longer interested in adopting or we don’t hear from you, your file will be deactivated. If at a later date you decide that you want to try and adopt a Corgi, then you will need to fill out a new application.
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Sunshine Corgi Rescue
We love our dogs and are most particular about matching a dog’s personality to your household’s characteristics and desires.
To accomplish, we use the following…
  • Step 1

    You complete and submit an adoption mini-application.  The application covers the following areas:

    1. Brief household information, people and home
    2. Inventory of your interests in a dog and characteristics you desire
  • Step 2

    Your mini-application will be used to compare your family’s characteristics to those of all available dogs.  If a match is made, you will be asked to complete a Supplemental Information form that supplies the following information:

    1. Three Personal References
    2. One Veterinary Reference
    3. Detailed household information
  • Step 3

    When we receive the application, your references WILL BE called as part of the final application review process.

  • Step 4

    With your permission, one of our volunteers will visit with you and all household members.

  • Step 5

    Application and all gathered information from the reference checks is provided to our Adoption Coordinator for matching a dog’s personality to your household’s characteristics and desires.

  • Step 6

    Meet and greet is arranged between you and the foster family. Location of our dogs may be anywhere in the state of Florida. The potential adoptive family must make arrangements with the foster families to meet our dogs.

  • Step 7

    If the meet and greet turns out to be successful, the adoptive family will sign the Adoption Application, pay the adoption fee and have a new family member. Adoption fees range up to $350.00 for our young dogs with no special needs. Adoption fees are reduced for our senior and special needs dogs.

  • Step 8

    Two Week Trial period for each adoption. If for any reason the adoption appears not to be a suitable match, the dog may be returned to our program. All dogs will need a certain amount of transition time and training to settle well into their new homes. Our volunteers are available for consult at any time to help with each dog’s transition into their new home.