Bilbo – Adopted 06/2019

Bilbo is doing amazing. We have begun one-on-one obedience training and some socialization, which will be an uphill battle. But, he is a great little companion whom I adore. He is great to binge TV watch and go for long walks with.

He is learning the stairs in my house and all the new smells and places to explore.

Bilbo also loves my friend group and we go for frequent trips in the car. I think he is understanding more and more that this is home. I am so thankful to your organization for bringing him into my life.

Bilbo has his own Facebook Fan Page ( so people can keep up with him. He is Bilbo Baggins The Corgi.

Attached are a couple of the newest pics. I take so many. Again, thank you for my new best friend. Hard to know who rescued who.

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