Zelda – Adopted 05/2019

We are very blessed to have Zelda in our family, joining our 13-year-young male corgi Chance. Most times they seem to be friends, sometimes they ignore each other, rarely have a growling tete-e-tete.

Zelda’s smart (picked up using the doggie door very quickly) and stubborn (still hangs by the people door, hoping to be quicker and saving a few steps). She’s a good warning system for anyone or any animal in the front yard. She is also super at companionship. And, it is really enjoyable for the humans in the family to have a dog that really, really enjoys being brushed.

We don’t often walk on a lead but when we do, she’s alert, having fun with the smells, talks to the creatures, but especially enjoys the humans she meets. While in the fenced backyard, she is discovering the sheer joy of digging holes in the dirt.

Zelda is still a bit on the chubby side, but we are all working on that. Probably us more than Zelda. She does enjoy walking in the neighborhood, checking out the scenery, and when one of us is brave enough to walk both dogs together, she likes to be in front and is full of energy. So we’re working on the whole family walking together, improving the family wellness.

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