Waffle – Adopted 05/2018

We’ve had Waffle with us for a couple of days and we are very happy to have such a beautiful Corgi as part of our family. We look forward to many years of taking good care of this wonderful dog.”

One of the reasons Waffle had been surrendered was because of some aggression issues, so we were careful in her placement to ensure she would be adopted by a family with no other dogs; the adopting family also needed to have sensitivity and patience to work with Waffle to address any behavioral issues, as well as her transition to a new home.

The update we received a couple weeks later, along with a sweet photo of Waffle, proved without a doubt that she had found the right forever home:

“We are so blessed to have Waffle in our lives. She appeared to have known this was her home from day one. She is sweet, loving and very well behaved.”

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