Violet – Adopted 05/2016

Violet – Adopted 05/2016

Violet is a red and white very petite and effervescent young corgi princess. An extremely loving and affectionate young girl, she adores everyone – especially sweet children, dogs and cats. Violet would thrive in a house with any or all of those members or someone who wants to give her lots of affection. She enjoys running and playing in the backyard with her dog friends so a fenced in yard would be ideal. It is really funny to watch her zip through the yard. She is a fast little whippersnapper.

Inside, she wants to sit in your lap and get belly rubs. Her kisses can be overwhelming, but extremely charming. She doesn’t beg and sits quietly nearby when you are in the kitchen cooking or eating. She is rarely underfoot like some of my corgi friends. If she could, she would sleep in bed with you. I mean, if you want her to, she would be happy to oblige.

She is not fond of the crate, but hardly needs it. She is very well behaved in the house and only chews on her stuffed toys or bones.

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