Einstein – Adopted 10/2018

Everything is going awesome!! Einstein is the perfect dog for me. He loves to follow me around, cuddle, and sleep near me. He will play with toys and gets excited to go on walks and out to potty.

Since he had to have most of his teeth pulled right before I adopted him, he has decided to demand only the best food. He basically refuses to eat dry food that’s been soaked in water and he will take his sweet¬†time with wet food, but if I give him FreshPet, he gobbles it up on the spot!

I have a full month of doggie Halloween parties lined up for us to attend (he is now the proud owner of an Einstein costume).

I am also looking into having him become a therapy dog. He is such a well-mannered dog and he LOVES people so much and being petted that I think he would be perfect. We will work on this in November after getting through all of our October parties.

Einstein is just a great dog and I am so happy and amazed that he is mine!

Thank you guys for everything you do and for making this all possible. I will make sure Einstein remains a spoiled little happy pup!

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