Special Thanks




The Directors of Sunshine Corgi Rescue would like to express special appreciation to these individuals and businesses who have done so much for rescued animals in need!

Dr. Leigh McBride and staff, Sumter County Animal Hospital
Wildwood, FL

Dr. Marc Hall & the staff of Ocoee Animal Hospital
Ocoee, FL

Dr. Shawna Green and the staff of Medicine River Animal Hospital
Clearwater, FL

Dr. Supow & Animal Health Care Clinic
Clearwater, FL

Hip Dog Canine Hydrotherapy & Fitness
Winter Park, FL

Lake Wales Veterinary Hospital
Lake Wales, FL

The Payne family

Many thanks to a wonderful family who have been great supporters of rescue and continue to help our organization in many ways.  We are blessed to have you.



J.R. – In Memoriam
Many thanks to all of those who donated in J.R.’s memory.

J.R. was born May 30, 2000 and passed April 3, 2014, just shy of his 14th birthday. We miss him immensely! He was an extremely loyal and joyful chap who loved swimming almost as much as belly rubs! I must confess we didn’t know much about corgis until J.R. stole our hearts, but thanks to J.R. we are corgi lovers for life!
-Amy Reagan and Tyler Niermann


Barney – In Memoriam
Elizabeth Miklus gave a loving donation in Barney’s memory.

Bunny – In Memoriam
  Many thanks to one of our former adopters Rosalie who gave us a generous donation in memory of Bunny. Rosalie wrote this loving tribute about Bunny…
“I wanted to thank SCR for bringing Bunny into my life. She came into my life following the death of my husband and filled a void I didn’t think could be filled. She was the epitome of a rescue dog..so trusting and loving despite ending up in rescue. She was a character and sweet girl who always wanted to be right next to me, loved racing down the driveway barking at imaginary intruders, jumping on the golfcart to encourage me to bring her for a ride, following the grandkids around the field and herding them home. I only had her for 3 years but I was the lucky one who got to keep her till the end. Thank you for the laughs, snuggles and love. Run free my beautiful Bunny…until we meet again.”

Roy Magruder
SCR would like to extend a sincere thank you to the Estate of Roy Magruder for the generous gift. Roy Magruder was a steadfast volunteer who not only cared for Corgis in life but ensured that his faithful dog Harry was cared for after Roy’s passing. In honor of Roy, Sam Bates has said these words about him…
“… we lost a very dedicated volunteer. My dear friend Roy was our oldest volunteer and would at a moments notice go pick up a dog any where I asked. When we first met he was a very youthful 78 and cruised in his corvette convertible. Each corgi he picked up rode in style! In a short time we became super friends and what a treat that was. He joined us for holiday celebrations because of no nearby family and we planned regular luncheons that lasted 3 or so hours. Sleep well dear man. I was fortunate to have you in my life. Many corgis went on to a better life because of you. I am sure you were met by many corgis that went to the bridge before you as they celebrated your arrival.”


Angel and Andy
Many thanks to Tom and Sandie for being a wonderful adoptive home and a great support to Sunshine Corgi Rescue.  Here are their special pals, Angel a SCR Alumni and Andy, a brother to my very own Gelly

Angel in a Sunshine Corgi Alumni, Andy a brother to my own dear Gelly

Many thanks to Marge and her pal Harry. A donation has been made in Harry’s memory.